Kim Kushner

Chief Business Officer

Kim is a strategist with over a decade of experience across the healthcare industry. She has spent the last eight years in a consulting capacity, assisting senior leaders in devising strategies that demonstrate value to their organizations in new ways. Kim has industry experience across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, payers, providers, government, nonprofits, and has worked across some of the industry’s most innovative modalities (including gene therapy and digital therapies). She has functional experience in operational strategy, value realization, organizational design, data analytics, and program management. Kim thrives in new challenges and problem solving.

Over the last four years, Kim has focused on designing and executing innovative strategies across medical affairs, clinical affairs/development, and safety. In her role, she works closely with C-Suite leadership, and other client leaders, to drive innovation in the medical space and execute sustainable, realistic, customized solutions. She has led multiple initiatives to demonstrate the value case for investments in the Medical Office.

Prior to joining SSI Strategy, Kim was a manager in Accenture’s health strategy practice where her primary area of expertise was the design and mobilization of data and analytics strategies for healthcare payers and providers. During her tenure, she developed the foundational business case framework to demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative value of investments in enterprise and patient-level analytics.

Preceding these experiences Kim worked in development/non-profit management, government, and patient advocacy/lobbying. Her non-profit and government experiences have taught her to creatively do much more with less.

Outside of her responsibilities at SSI, Kim teaches a course on consulting in the healthcare industry at the Yale School of Public Health. She also serves as the Chair of the Junior Board of Advisors for the American Cancer Society in New York City.