The Evolving world of Medical Affairs:

Is your organization healthy? Maybe it’s time for a check- up?

At SSI we support CMOs and medical functions by conducting periodic 6x6 medical blueprint assessments or “health checks” to gauge where there is potential for impactful improvement. We believe that the future impact of medical affairs will not only be shaped by what is implemented but how it is delivered. Leading medical organizations in our view are driven by six core capabilities and six leading competencies — what we call the “SSI 6 x 6.”

Core Capabilities: What is implemented

The 6 core pillars of Medical Affairs require deep connection to medical practice. This includes ensuring that Patients, Providers & Payers have the tailored evidence that they need to best use company products and improve patient outcomes.

Leading Competencies: How it is delivered

There are 6 key levers that we believe will define winning medical organizations. This includes digitization, agility, mastery of impact measurement and connectivity.

We’ve seen forward thinking CMOs commit to conduct these simple yet powerful health checks intermittently to evoke positive change within Medical Organizations. The beauty of a health check is its simplicity and adaptability- it can be conducted at scale across a Medical function or in a smaller pocket of an organization focusing on a few key teams. It has the ability to deliver transformative value and opportunity for innovation at both small biotechs and larger established pharmas.

The benefits of a health check truly shined in the face of COVID-19. Medical organizations that had remained sharp by periodically conducting “health checks” and implementing improved digitization tactics used these solutions in ways they had never imagined once COVID-19 hit. Those that did not, struggled to swiftly establish virtual ad boards, attend/run virtual conferences and attempt to improve KOL interactions from the confines of their home offices. No matter how strong your medical core capabilities were, companies with poor digitization, agility, impact measurement and connectivity (i.e. leading competencies) struggled to avoid falling behind the curve, proving that assessment of an organization at any time can reap both intentional and unexpected benefits.

SSI has a team of medical leaders and dedicated consultants that have worked with a variety of clients to identify quick wins and transformational opportunities leveraging our health check to improve the long-term success of the organization. Reach out to SSI to begin discussions with one of our Medical Affairs experts to discuss how a health check could look like for your organization.

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