Digital-Led Biotech Strategy

Don’t let your approach to digital hold you back. Make it your advantage. Maximize therapeutic value through a digital-led strategy.

Let’s face it, technology for biotechs is confusing.

We all hear buzzwords like digital transformation, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, neural networks, automation, and so on.

But what does it all mean?

Do you have the in-house expertise to cut through the noise and make the right call on what digital tactics to adopt, how to navigate digital investments, how to limit your organizational burden, and what ROI you can expect?

Your goal is to develop and bring innovative therapies to market —and that’s no easy feat. You have a lot on your plate, so it’s easy for digital projects to be put on the back burner.

Digital-led therapeutic value creation

The landscape has changed. It’s no longer enough to simply cobble together disparate technologies across your organization and wash your hands of “digital transformation.” That’s a great way to drain resources with minimal business impact.

Instead, you can outpace bigger competitors by making your approach to digital your strategic advantage rather than a source of frustration.

What if you could speed up your clinical programs by leveraging digital biomarkers and AI?

Or identify power players for your KOL programs with social media sentiment analysis?

Maybe you need to drive more effective medical education by supporting HCPs with augmented reality for better engagement and interaction.

In the past, these kinds of programs were only available to the largest organizations with seemingly limitless technology budgets. That’s not true anymore.

Leaner organizations can now gain access to digital technologies that will change the industry. In fact, smaller organizations have a major advantage. They can start with a digital-led foundation, where tech debt holds larger organizations back.

Don’t let this short window of opportunity close.

Digital-led innovation can be your greatest asset.

Overcoming the digital skills gap to solve complex biotech challenges

Here’s the rub. Most biotechs don’t have the internal resources to identify and execute digital-led programs. And to make the problem worse, most technology vendors either don’t understand the biotech industry or are trying to sell specific platforms instead of creating an effective digital strategy tailored to the organization’s scientific goals.

Being a digital-led biotech company starts with the end in mind: maximizing therapeutic value. Planning out a strategy and finding suitable digital solutions that fit specific business requirements can be a long and confusing process.

From researching and identifying potential solutions to reviewing vendors, assessing technical requirements, and conducting a proof-of-concept, you’ll be exploring a maze of digital solutions that can be overwhelming without having a solid starting point or a defined path forward.

You need a digital-led strategy. We remove the burden of adopting innovative solutions off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best — bringing impactful therapeutics and products to market.

And agile digital support team

Your digital needs ebb and flow. It may not be an efficient use of resources to hire full-time employees with specialized skillsets only required in short sprints until key milestones are met. And individual contractors aren’t always considering the entire cross-functional digital center of excellence.

Our model is built around an agile approach. We bring in the exact skillsets you need at the right time. Instead of trying to find someone that can adequately fulfill disparate skill sets, you can get access to experienced experts for your exact needs.

We empower your team with a blend of medical, business, and digital subject matter expertise so you aren’t held back by internal limitations and digital skill gaps. Our strategies are platform-agnostic, and we’ll work with you to identify the tools and processes that meet your therapeutic and scientific needs and can elevate your team.

A Digital-led Biotech Strategy engagement has three phases:

  • Strategic assessment
  • Process planning and tools
  • Partner selection and management

Strategic assessment

Our team of medical, business, and digital experts evaluate your business objectives and goals to identify gaps and opportunities throughout your programs. We align your translational, clinical, and medical needs with your funding and business goals. Finally, we assess your digital investments, program needs, and the competitive landscape to create a strategic plan.

Process planning and tools

We take a platform-agnostic approach because the most successful digital programs start with people rather than platforms. Using your therapeutic goals, we will help design processes, governance, and a digital operating model that enable your team to navigate new programs successfully. Then we identify the right tools and platforms to achieve business outcomes.

Partner selection and management

Your goal is to drive therapeutic outcomes rather than manage technology vendors. We take the burden of partner and platform selection, management, and implementation off your plate, so you can focus on delivering patient outcomes. Our team understands your medical, business, and technology needs, so we can effectively take the management of your digital programs and customer experiences off your plate.

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