The Strategic Medical Office

90% of early biotech fail.

To survive through commercialization, you need more than good science. You need a data-driven medical story.

Is your medical story compelling enough to beat the odds?

You have a vision to improve patient lives by introducing a new therapeutic to the market. Early science is promising. Now it’s time to grow your team and scale the science to meet regulatory and funding milestones.

The next step is to get buy-in from key stakeholders:

  • The executive team
  • The board
  • Investors
  • Regulators
  • Physicians/clinics
  • Payers/Insurance
  • Patients/advocates

To get buy-in from stakeholders, they must see the value of your therapeutic. It’s the science and the medical story that drive therapeutic value.

Stakeholders must understand the science, believe in the plan to achieve early milestones, and maintain realistic timeline expectations. Without buy-in from stakeholders, there is little chance that you will secure funding long-term or meet regulatory milestones.

To get stakeholder buy-in, you must have:

  • A clear vision
  • A compelling medical story
  • A connected medical function
  • A convincing timeline

The challenge is no one person can pull all of this together. Establishing a Medical Office requires diverse skills. A CMO needs help to fill the void.

The good news is you don’t have to navigate this alone.

What you need are additional resources to wrap around your existing team. A group of experienced medical and business experts that can augment the work you are already doing. It takes past success to know how to create a realistic plan.

Planning early for future milestones is vital to avoid costly rework down the road. Without a cohesive medical strategy, it’s easy to create timelines out of necessity rather than sticking to a proven strategy to meet milestones on time.

Our medical team at SSI Strategy can help you clarify your vision, create a compelling medical story, connect disparate medical functions, and set realistic and convincing timelines.

We will help you navigate the biotech maze successfully through commercialization.

An agile support team

Your needs ebb and flow. Hiring full-time employees with specialized skillsets only required in short sprints until key milestones are met may not be an efficient use of resources. And individual contractors aren’t always considering the entire cross-functional medical office.

Our model is built around an agile approach. We bring in the exact skillsets you need at the right time. Instead of trying to find someone that can adequately fulfill disparate skill sets, you can get access to experienced experts for your exact needs.

In a typical engagement, we support our clients with:

  • A gap analysis
  • A risk analysis
  • A medical roadmap
  • A strategic medical plan
  • We wrap around your existing team to fill skill gaps
  • We help with program management
  • We execute against the plan
  • We help hire and transition

As your funding fluctuates and your medical requirements progress and change, we’ll work with you to meet milestones and derisk your organization through proper planning, management documentation, and execution. Our team members embed in your team to ensure you meet clinical and funding milestones on time.

Don’t go it alone. We are here for you.

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