Bringing Two Worlds Together: The Inside Story of the SSI Strategy Rebrand


Today, we unveiled our powerful new brand uniting SSI Strategy, NDA Group, and PharmApprove under one cohesive visual identity represented by three harmonised, yet still striking, brands. But this launch represents the culmination of a comprehensive rebrand journey that spanned months of strategic planning, creative collaboration, and an inclusive process guided by insights from teammates, clients and partners worldwide.

For those interested in the internal workings that led up to this launch, I’ve put together this “behind-the-scenes” post to lift the curtain and provide a glimpse of the effort required to pull something like this off.

As the VP of Global Marketing, I led this transformative initiative from day one with a clear objective – to forge a brand architecture reflecting the integrated value proposition of our unified organization.

Inspired by Reality

Aspiring to build a unified vision we kicked off by facilitating workshops and feedback sessions across several of our global teams, ensuring our evolution was shaped by diverse voices from across the SSI Strategy family. In parallel, targeted client interviews provided an external lens into preferences and impressions, allowing us to craft an identity primed to resonate.

With strategic direction established, we partnered with branding experts at Phosworks to translate our unified essence into a cohesive visual system. The result is a bold, modern aesthetic embodying SSI Strategy’s core attributes like innovation, expertise, and partnership.

Harmonizing Our Brands

Key to our rebrand was thoughtfully harmonizing the distinct brand legacies and visual identities of SSI Strategy, NDA Group, and PharmApprove into one seamless presence:

NDA Group brought unparalleled global regulatory and quality expertise, guiding clients through complex submissions and approvals. PharmApprove added their dynamic strategic communications capabilities for high-stakes meetings like FDA Advisory Committees. The core capabilities of SSI Strategy created a unique suite of services spanning the key requirements of the Medical Office with a unique blend of medical and business acumen.

Our new brand marque and identity system unite these complementary value propositions under the SSI Strategy masterbrand, while retaining key equity from each legacy brand. In essence we created a unified palette that grounds each of the visual identities, while allowing each brand to have one signature colour that is unique to that brand.

The new logotypes draw from the legacy of each organisation as can be seen in the above illustration. Thoughtfullness and respect for the history of each business was paramount in creating a trinity of logotypes that draw from each other’s strengths:

  • The round devices from the SSI Strategy legacy logotype was cleverly reused in a more space effective and forward leaning way, leveraging clean colors for legibility and future proofing.
  • The modified type face used for the legacy NDA logotype was leveraged to create unique looking and trademarkable visual assets of all three logotypes.
  • The legacy checkmark of the PharmApprove logo was beautifully retained in a modern and contemporary way.

Applying Our New Look

With our bold new brand vision established, we turned our attention to ensuring this unified identity would be consistently and impactfully applied across all customer touchpoints.

One of the first priorities was developing a comprehensive set of brand templates and guidelines for presentations, documents, digital communications and more. Our creative partners at Phosworks collaborated closely with internal teams to carefully translate the signature elements of our visual identity into versatile design systems.

The result is a cohesive suite of PowerPoint templates that make it seamless for our experts to deliver brand-aligned presentations packed with visual impact. No matter the therapeutic area, technical discipline or audience, our decks will convey a unified, professional brand experience.

We apply this same innovative creative thinking to other vital brand amplifiers like email signatures, marketing collateral, sales assets and business documentation. Signature brand colors, typography, graphic elements and layout principles will now gradually be embedded across all of our market communications.

Unveiling a United Future

Today’s launch represents the convergence of years of individual success combined with new frontiers of opportunity. In the coming months, we’ll bring this brand narrative to life through a unified digital destination, thought leadership highlighting our integrated model, and immersive experiences sharing the full SSI Strategy story.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll experience this refreshed brand aesthetic brought to life through a new unified website experience, engaging thought leadership content spotlighting our integrated capabilities, and immersive multimedia storytelling that shares the full SSI Strategy narrative.

While the transition to our new brand identity is an evolution in progress, today marks an important stride in expressing our unique combined value proposition with unified clarity and impact.

Nothing Without the Team

None of this would be possible without the unwavering commitment of our team members worldwide, who offered vital perspective to shape our evolution. I’m deeply grateful for their contributions.

As we celebrate this milestone together, I’m filled with optimism and excitement for the future. Our new brand lays the groundwork to amplify our value, elevate our partnership approach, and ensure biotech companies can accelerate delivery of transformative therapies to patients in need.

The future is bright, and united, we’ll continue redefining what’s possible.

Denise Strömquist

Vice President, Global Marketing

SSI Strategy

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