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In this issue...

Global Medical Affairs Transformation

Covid Impacts on the Life Sciences

SSI Client Profiles

It’s time to lean into the change that’s been thrust upon on us with COVID-19 and use it to deliver long term success for our medical organizations. At SSI we believe that the future impact of medical affairs will not only be shaped by what is implemented but how it is delivered.   More »

Leading medical organizations in our view are driven by six core capabilities and six leading competencies- what we call the “SSI 6 x 6.” These have never been more relevant than now.   Read Article »

In This Issue Of Wavelengths:

What long-term impacts will COVID-19

on the life science industry?


What we are seeing

More distributed sites/PIs

Increased recruitment / patient sizes possible

Virtual / at home monitoring

Unique derived endpoints based on new data capture approaches / techniques

Reduction in number of required costly and invasive scans / tests

What it may mean

Challenges in interpreting new endpoints in the medical community / practice

Sustainability of regulatory acceptance for new approaches

Education of regulators of clinical relevance of data points

Potential for lower cost studies with lower dropout rates


What we are seeing

Increased focus on diagnostics across therapeutic areas (not just infectious disease)

What it may mean

Increased access to precision diagnostics

Potential for increased diagnoses of various diseases

Challenges to arise in interpreting results and identifying appropriate treatment regimens for complex patients


What we are seeing

Moving toward hybrid at home and in-office model

Bifurcates teams and creates more siloes and increased need for communication

Need for collaboration tools not just web communication

What it may mean

Clinical development and collaborative functions will take longer to achieve critical outcomes

Potential for protocol changes and need for re-work

Field engagement will be challenging to maintain and will have to mirror HCP’s interest in continued virtual communication beyond telehealth


What we are seeing

Hybrid approach for future meetings likely to balance interest in networking/in-person engagement with efficiencies gained in remote CME/learning environment

What it may mean

Publication Poster halls/forums are likely not to survive this adaptation; virtual poster sessions or other forums to get new data into the medical community will be critical

Client Profiles

A Complete GMA Transformation

Transforming a Global Medical Information and Education function’s operational capability and performance


A global mid-sized pharmaceutical company engaged SSI to help transform their Global Medical Information and Education function’s operational capability and performance. Through 360-degree feedback, including a survey to Global, Regional, Local, and cross-functional stakeholders, best practice insights from subject matter experts, and alignment with client’s strategic goals, our team was able to identify areas of opportunity and develop executable recommendations.


Our recommendations focused on evolving and improving the organization's scalability to quickly and accurately address queries, align on content and planning needs across international stakeholders, and define, gather and analyze metrics. Our scope covered multiple therapeutic areas, geographies, and compounds at various lifecycle stages. To build a holistic set of recommendations, we assessed the various aspects of operational needs, such as people, process, and platforms; and we worked closely with parallel projects focused on bringing in new standard operating procedures and IT systems.

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