In this article, we shine the spotlight on Hanne Brokopp, Principal Consultant at NDA.

The power of a positive mindset: Transforming challenges into opportunities

Throughout her regulatory career in Europe, Hanne Brokopp, Principal Consultant at NDA, has supported drug developers through challenges from development to approval. With an unrelenting spirit, she believes in finding solutions through collaboration, even amid unpredictable obstacles. What inspires her to persist, embracing continuous learning and adapting to new challenges?

Hanne is committed to achieving positive outcomes for drug developers for their marketing authorisations by providing guidance during the development and through to registration. She describes herself as an optimist because she always seeks out opportunities and maintains a positive outlook in any situation. She emphasizes the importance of facing challenges head-on, and extracting the best solutions from every situation.

“I enjoy assisting clients when they face challenging questions from regulators. After we have supported them to navigate the complexities of the system and they get a positive opinion, it is truly fulfilling to witness their joy.”

As one who is solution-oriented and open to new learnings, Hanne acknowledges that complex problems can be resolved by acknowledging them and actively seeking ways to overcome them. This mindset guides her to collaborate with others—both colleagues and clients—to achieve successful outcomes.

Before joining NDA, Hanne held various roles at different organizations, including the Danish Medicinal Agency. From there, she transitioned to the industry sector and worked in several European countries. According to Hanne, “The Danish Medicinal Agency was a strong foundation for my professional career. It played a fundamental role in my transition into the industry and shaping my career by providing me with the necessary knowledge and skills for the regulatory field.”

The synergy of skills

As a Principal Consultant at NDA, Hanne brings her experience and knowledge of international regulatory practices to support drug developers and patients. In her role, she supports clients to efficiently bring their medicines to market. In addition, she takes on the responsibility of a consultant manager, overseeing teams from both the German and Swiss offices. Hanne also acts as a project manager for the NDA Advisory Board, playing a significant role in scoping out projects, facilitating client calls, and identifying the right experts for specific initiatives.

Hanne sees her role as a conduit for shared expertise and collaborative effort. She finds deep fulfilment in working with her colleagues to address and resolve client’s challenging questions. She says, “I am passionate about bringing new products to the market that will help patients in need, and my role at NDA helps me achieve this.”

Reflecting on successful projects, Hanne highlights instances where NDA supported clients to achieve successful positive outcomes. According to her, every successful project generates a shared sense of happiness between the NDA team and the client. She further explains:

“When we engage with a client, our priority is to get the experts who are a perfect fit with their expectations and needs. This usually means pulling in team members from across NDA’s global offices to support drug developers throughout their product development.”

For Hanne, one of the important  parts about working at NDA is the wealth of expertise available in-house. She finds it incredibly beneficial to have a diverse range of experts within the organization who can assist clients at different phases of drug development. This, Hanne mentions, is a significant advantage that sets NDA apart and contributes to the success of client projects.

Cultivating resilience

Hanne effectively juggles her career responsibilities while prioritizing her well-being and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. She incorporates exercise and physical activity, like running and outdoor training, into her morning routine before starting her workday.

With a passion for bringing new medicines to patients, Hanne has devoted over 35 years to supporting the development and approval of new medicinal products, aimed at enhancing patient well-being. Reflecting on her extensive experience, she shares insights and inspiration from intentionally growing her career in regulatory affairs:

“Regulatory affairs keep me engaged and motivated because there is always something new to learn and adapt to. It is not a boring field; it is constantly evolving with new regulations and ways of working. So, while knowing the legislation is important, getting some hands-on experience is equally as important. Studying is helpful, but regulatory affairs is also about learning through hands-on experience.”



Hanne Brokopp

Principal Consultant


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