The Strategic Medical Office

Ensuring scientific integrity and patient centricity through strategic alignment and stakeholder engagement. 

Building Better Biotechs

Bringing life-changing therapies to patients requires a robust foundation of integrated medical capabilities tailored to your organization's unique needs. That's where we come in. 

Our experienced team collaborates with you to develop scalable workforce plans and medical strategies that align with your company's specific stage and evolving priorities. We help you build the right team at the right time, create and execute tailored strategies, and develop compelling communication materials that showcase the value of your therapies to stakeholders. 

Overcoming the Odds

The harsh reality is that 90% of early biotechs fail, emphasizing the need for more than just groundbreaking science to succeed. Your Medical Office faces a multitude of challenges that can impede your mission to deliver life-changing therapies to patients.  

Maintaining strategic alignment with corporate objectives and timelines, maintaining high standards for all clinical and non clinical work, developing your team, managing investor relations, and coordinating across functions are just the tip of the iceberg. Strategic planning, corporate alignment, safety and compliance concerns, regulatory hurdles, and the need for robust clinical data analysis add to the complexity. Succeeding in this intricate environment requires a deft touch, a multidisciplinary approach and excellent narratives to communicate effectively with your stakeholders. 

Building Your Medical Office

We offer a flexible, tailored support model designed to meet your specific requirements at every stage of your journey. 

Our cross-functional teams, comprising life sciences industry leaders and skilled business consultants, bring a 360° perspective to tackle the challenges you face head-on. Whether you need ad-hoc, just-in-time skills, insourced teams, or a seamless transition to fully resourced FTEs, we have the expertise and resources to support your growth. 


Why Choose SSI Strategy?

At SSI Strategy, we combine unparalleled life sciences expertise with a collaborative partnership approach to provide comprehensive solutions for your Medical Office.  

Our flexible and scalable support model adapts to your evolving needs, whether you require ad-hoc assistance or a fully integrated team. With a results-driven mindset, we are laser-focused on helping you deliver life-changing therapies to patients.  

Trust SSI Strategy to be an extension of your own team, providing the skills, experience, and dedication to drive your success! 


Doug Locke

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Kushner

Chief Business Officer

Delphine Moreau

SVP Medical

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Building Better Biotechs

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