In this article, we shine the spotlight on Marianne Jonsson, Consulting Manager & Senior Consultant at NDA.

Embracing change to help patients from new perspectives

When a simple role change piqued her interest in clinical research and regulatory affairs, Marianne Jonsson, Consulting Manager & Senior Consultant at NDA, embraced the opportunity. This decision redirected her career path, bringing her to her current role where her flexibility benefits patients worldwide. Marianne’s story reveals how embracing change can result in remarkable career progression.

Throughout her career, Marianne is committed to building personal connections and relationships. Reflecting on her early career life, she shares, “I started my career as a registered nurse and teacher in nursing, working at the University Hospitals in Lund and Stockholm to offer guidance to nurses-in-training. It was fulfilling to see them evolve into independent professionals, confidently making decisions and responding to diverse situations.”

Nearly a decade later, Marianne heeded the advice of a former colleague and applied for the role of a clinical research assistant at Astra Draco, (later merged with Zeneca and became AstraZeneca). Little did she know that this decision would soon spark a new interest and change her career trajectory. In Marianne’s words,

“I worked within global clinical trials for five years before I started getting interested in regulatory affairs. In 2000, I applied for a role within the global regulatory affairs department at AstraZeneca, and since then, I have worked in different regulatory affairs roles. I think that regulatory affairs is about finding solutions, and that is what I am passionate about. I enjoy the spontaneity of my daily work life—being faced with different situations—and trying to find a solution makes my work fun and interesting.”

Working in a global environment stands out as a significant aspect of Marianne’s professional experience. She expresses a strong preference for collaborative projects in global settings because of the diversity it offers. According to her, “Global environments develop individuals in a special way, making them more adaptable and empathetic.” Marianne finds that this exposure adds a special dimension to personal development, fostering open-mindedness and understanding.

A dynamic work environment

At NDA, Marianne found a role that checks all the boxes of her preferences, being responsible for leading and managing a team of consultants, and at the same time working on projects as a senior consultant. Expressing her excitement, Marianne shares,

“My role at NDA gives me the opportunity to work on projects with colleagues and clients from different parts of the world. By engaging in diverse projects, I have learnt how to support different clients and gained insight into various regulatory processes.”

Drawing a connection between her current role and previous experience as a registered nurse, Marianne explains that she continues to collaborate with her colleagues to proffer solutions to patients’ needs. She highlights how her colleagues demonstrate knowledge sharing and mutual support by stating, “Whenever I have a question or need advice, I can easily reach out to my colleagues.  The collaborative environment at NDA allows us to freely ask for and receive support.”

Marianne describes NDA as a professional regulatory consulting company with a well-known reputation, positioning it as an excellent choice for anyone aspiring to grow their career in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. She adds that the professional yet friendly atmosphere of work, along with the opportunity to have fun, contributes to a positive work experience.

Apart from work, Marianne enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, relaxing at her seaside summer house, engaging in outdoor activities, and making memories with her grandchild. She encourages savouring the moments of respite and enjoying life outside of work. She shares her approach to maintaining a healthy work-life balance saying, “When I close my computer for the day, I really close it and try to focus on something else.”

Finding footing on shifting ground

At work, Marianne appreciates having things in order both mentally and in documentation. She believes that being structured contributes to a smoother workflow and helps her manage her tasks and responsibilities effectively. From personal experience, Marianne explains that one key attribute for success in the field of regulatory affairs is having a team spirit.

“I believe we overcome every challenge we face together by listening and understanding other people’s perspectives and building relationships within the team. By doing this, team members can provide timely support that contributes to the overall effectiveness of the team.”

Having witnessed several changes in the field of regulatory affairs, Marianne highlights the significance of embracing adaptability and continuous learning. She gives a helpful advice to regulatory affairs experts.

“Whether you are faced with regulatory challenges or complex projects, it is important to see challenges as opportunities to learn and discover solutions. Don't be afraid, believe in yourself, and stay positive.”


Marianne Jonsson

Consulting Manager & Senior Consultant


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