Optimizing Preclinical Programs and Streamlining Clinical Translation

Optimizing Preclinical Programs and Streamlining Clinical Translation In today’s rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry, successfully transitioning from non-clinical to clinical trials is a critical milestone for any drug development program. This process requires careful planning, strategic considerations, and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in this crucial phase. To shed light on this … Read more

Webinar: De-Risking Development: Strategies to Achieve Biotech Milestones

The Importance of Strategic Planning in Biotech Development Successful drug development in the biotech industry has never been more challenging. Companies face an increasingly risky funding landscape, intensifying regulatory requirements, and pressure to speed up timelines amidst resource constraints. However, early strategic planning can help mitigate risks and position programs for success. This was a … Read more

Pioneering with Patients First

Fresh off the heels of Episode 17, Kate, Kim and Ramin continue to unpack more value from Luminopia’s founding story and subsequent growth. One of the most powerful components of a biotech is its value story. But getting clear on that isn’t always easy. In this new era of biotechs and clinical development, the value … Read more

How to Juggle Priorities as a CMO ft. Hootan Khatami

Every guest on the Emerging Biotech Leader builds on the insights from our previous contributors while also adding their own unique best practices, analogies and experience. In that spirit, for Episode 16, we’re grateful to have Hootan Khatami, Senior Vice President of Medical at SSI driving the conversation forward on CMOs, (Chief Medical Officers), by … Read more

Navigating the CMO Role Ft. Chris Morabito

Welcome to this week’s Emerging Biotech Leader recap. In our previous Episodes, we touched on the topic of careers and what to know about the role of Medical Affairs. In doing so, we uncovered two key trends relevant to career progression within that function: working collaboratively/cross-functionally and utilizing your network. As it turns out, these … Read more