SSI Strategy Partners With Medocity


SSI Strategy + Medocity Partnership

SSI has partnered with the leading virtual care technology platform, Medocity, bringing together Medical expertise and the innovative Medocity platform to help solve our client’s most ambitious challenges. The Medocity platform enables continuous digital care between visits for patients with complex and chronic conditions, connecting patients and care teams in clinical trial and real-world settings.

SSI has trained its Medical and Consultant team on the platform and in partnership with Medocity are working with Life Science clients to construct use cases and business cases to help our clients build greater connectivity with patients and HCPs.

Whether it be how to best track adherence, more effectively and efficiently screen patients for a clinical trial, report safety events on demand, or how to integrate wearables to measure cognitive efficacy endpoints for a study, we work with our clients to deliver real solutions.

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