Innovate Faster with a Digital-Led Biotech Strategy

“The good news and the bad news are the same news.” Rik Reppe, VP Digital, Acquis Consulting Group Our mission with each episode of the Emerging Biotech leader is to provide actionable insights and strategic thinking from experts across all facets of biotechnology. And this BONUS EPISODE, with SSI CEO Doug Locke at the host … Read more

What is the Future of Digital Medicine

“Digital impacts our lives all the time in every way, including in medicine.” Jen Seda, M.D. The day of digital medicine is here. And while software and digital apps can be created rapidly, historically, the healthcare ecosystem has implemented change at a much slower pace. This contrasting combination, or tension as today’s episode describes it, … Read more

Shaping the Future of Early Diagnosis with Digital Medicine

As everyday consumers, we interact with AI (Artificial Intelligence) daily. Whether unlocking the home screen of our phones via facial recognition, using voice commands to send a text or interacting with a chat tool when shopping online, AI adoption is continuous. But what is the role of AI in today’s healthcare? And how will AI … Read more

The Intersection of Data Sciences and Life Sciences

Digital biomarkers have opened up a series of questions worth contemplating as both newer and more mature biotechs evaluate the following: Are we measuring things correctly? What’s inefficient about our clinical development process? What should we be thinking about to innovate for the future? And how do we democratize access to clinical trials and improve … Read more

Using Digital Biomarkers for Faster, Cheaper Clinical Trials

Biomarkers themselves have been a part of medical research for decades. However, digital biomarkers have become increasingly important to the modern clinical development process. While the term “digital biomarker” is prevalent in discussions around investment, clinical trials, and measuring patient outcomes, a variety of questions surrounding digital biomarkers still exist within the industry. For example, … Read more