What are Digital Therapeutics (DTx)?

What are Digital Therapeutics?

The field of Digital Therapeutics is nebulous and confusing. Compounded by a world of wellness applications and non-clinically validated patient support tools, it’s challenging to differentiate digital interventions. For start-ups and well established pharmaceutical giants, the path is equally unclear for how to effectively build an organization that is focused on digital tools with the potential to change the course of a patient’s disease. In an attempt to simplify this landscape, the SSI team has evaluated the digital therapeutics market and broken out the findings in an easy-to-reference infographic. The research suggests that organizations that learn from, but find ways to innovate on, traditional pharmaceutical models for medical and clinical engagement will succeed in this new space.

SSI performed an analysis of over 50 digital health organizations in the US, from December 2018 to March 2019, through funding announcements, the Apple app store and 17 registered DTx clinical trials (clinicaltrials.gov) to develop baseline research on the current state of the DTx landscape.

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